About Us

Locally owned and operated

Town and Country Medical was formed by Tony Metcalf, former CEO of Fire and Safety Australia and founder of Compass Health.

With over 15 years of experience in the industry, a specialist in integrated solutions to medical, emergency and safety Town and Country Medical is a trusted partner to the Energy, Mining and Infrastructure (EMI) industries, T&C Medical is committed to high quality, client-aligned outcomes through industry knowledge and experience in Australia and Internationally.


Ethical Sourcing

We ensure that our medical equipment and products are traceable and sourced ethically.

Through partnerships with local manufacturers, we have been able to prioritise the procurement of quality products from within Australia and New Zealand.

Equal Opportunity Employer

Town and Country Medical believes in providing a safe and sustainable work environment that prioritises staff satisfaction and retention.

Our Values


Solutions-driven, problem-solvers

Strong business connections

Easy to work with

End-to-end services and consulting: “we’ll do it all” mentality

what our clients say

Tony was brought into our company as he is one of those rare people that can act at a very senior level whilst still hunting out opportunities at ground level.

He has an extensive network of business and personal contacts and is very generous with sharing these to assist his clients achieve their goals.

Tony helped us reduce what would have taken us 5-6 years to achieve on our own, if at all, into a 2 year project with results we couldn’t have been happier with.

Emma Tobias

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